Etienne Le Comte

Artist Profile

            Often seen around the streets of Brighton, Etienne’s work stands out as your brain tries to absorb the multiple vanishing points and seemingly endless detail on detail. Etienne produces large street murals as well as smaller framed pieces with nice line work and Manga / Sci-fi overtones.

Try with 3D glasses. This piece can be seen on a wall in Trafalgar St, Brighton. Just down from the station. Or if you have just woken up from crazy surgery and the drugs still havn’t worn off

            Managing to finally catch the busy bee, I get him to let us in on his personal creative world.

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Carl Youri

Artist Profile

            A multi talented artist, all round positive and interesting character, Carl  is always up for being creative and getting involved in projects, when he’s not knee deep in his own personal creative universe. He’s done all sorts over the years, carework, web design, e-learning content, illustration, film making, making music, doing visuals as well as plenty of travelling.

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Anthony Martin

Artist Profile

Awesome cinematic feel.

            Some recent social media post browsing brought to my attention an old colleague’s work which really popped out at me. I knew he was a film buff, but I realized his mind and skills are far more cinematic than I ever knew. I first met him when he did post production lighting and render magic on our environments while we were working on ‘Friends and Heroes’ for ‘The Charactershop’ at Pebble Mill in Brum in the early ‘Noughties’.

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