Physically Based Rendering (2019). 3D hard surface modelling created using 3D Studio Max, textured with Substance Painter, veiwed in realtime 3D and rendered using Vray 3.6.
Fossils Alive (2019). 3D modelling, 'Finite State Machine' AI and server communication project developed using Unity. Scripted in C#, connected to an SQL database and deployed as a Web GL build.
Affinity (2018). 2D animated sprite edutainment application scripted with Javascript and connected to SQL database. Teaches basic knowledge on pathogens and antigens.
Dodge WC53 (2017). High poly modelling, animation and photorealistic rendering using 'Mental Ray' daylight system. The 3D model is embedded in a webpage using the X3D javascript library.
BamBam Slots (2017). Vector art and UI assets for Slots machine app. Desktop and mobile. Developed by BamBam Digital.
Impact Winter (2016). Environment and props modelling for creepy survival game on PC and PS4. Developed by Mojo Bones. Published by Namco.
Sir Gawain and the Green Knight (2016). Illustrations for a publication of the old english poem. Translated by John Ridland. Able Muse publications.
TD2112 (2015). Concept art for tower defence PC game. Refinery Productions.
Razor Kings (2015). Advertising campaign art created for a razor delivery brand. Banners and video
Tofu Fury (2014). Concept art, level construction and UI art for mobile platform puzzle game. Hotgen / Amazon Games studios .